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This summer, open the door to a world of creativity, innovation, and learning with our specially designed STEAM classes. From the fundamentals of game design to the wonders of science and technology, we've crafted unique experiences that cater to the curiosity and talents of all learners. Refining reading, writing, and research skills are at the heart of our STEAM classes.

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Have you ever wondered how different parts of the Bible connect? In this lesson, we'll dive into the fascinating world of cross-references and discover how they help us understand the Bible more deeply.

We focus on studying cross-references effectively, a skill crucial for excelling in the National Bible Bee Qualifying Test. You'll learn the importance of content and context and how to use tools like the Blue Letter Bible for deeper insights into historical and theological themes.

Through practical examples, like Genesis 3:15, you'll see how to break down passages into understandable pieces. We’ll also share strategies for creating personalized study aids, such as index cards with unique titles and drawings, to help reinforce your memory.
Mastering Cross-References: Tips for Success in the National Bible Bee and Beyond
The 66 Books of the Bible Visual
How to Prepare for the National Bible Bee Competition
Unit 3 Senior Small Group
June 21 Junior and Senior Bible Bee Meeting Highlights
Unit 3 Primary Small Group
June 21 Primary Bible Bee Meeting Highlights
Unit 2 Senior Small Group
June 14 Junior-Senior Bible Bee Meeting Highlights
Unit 2 Primary Small Group
June 14 Primary Bible Bee Meeting Highlights
Unit 1 Junior Small Group Discussion
Journeyer’s Jubilee and Summitteers Spotlight: Insights and Reflections from the June 7 Bible Bee Meeting
Primary Unit 1
Pathfinder’s Pinnacle: Insights and Reflections from the June 7 Bible Bee Meeting
Steps in Memorizing a Scripture Passage Final Copy
Scripture Memorization Tips: A Guide for Families
AOL Admission Tips Free Writing Sample and STEM TST Practice
Unlock the Secrets to a Successful Academies of Loudoun Admission
TJ Admission Tips Free Writing Sample (1)
Navigating the TJHSST Admission Process: Tips and Strategies for Success
Bible Bee Overview
Enhance Your Family’s Bible Bee Journey with Our Free Learning Platform

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