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Our classes, crafted by licensed educators and curriculum experts, offer specialized math, science, reading, and writing instruction.

Expert-Crafted Curriculum

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Save $100 on Two Classes Save $100 PSAT® Bundles

  • Math, Reading, and Writing
  • Curriculum Developed by Licensed Teachers
Save $100 on Two Classes Save $100 SAT® Bundles

  • Math, Reading, and Writing
  • Curriculum Developed by Licensed Teachers
Save $300 on Three Classes Save $300 SAT® Bundles

  • Math, Essay, Reading, and Writing
  • Curriculum Developed by Licensed Teachers

Summer Writing Enrichment for Scholarships & Internships


Designed for intelligent high school students, the Wordsmiths & Innovators offers a comprehensive program to enrich reading, writing, research, and STEM skills, tailored for excellence in scholarship applications, internships, PSAT® Merit Scholarship applications, SAT® essays, and college admissions essays. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students engage in workshops that fuse literary analysis with technology, engineering, and scientific inquiry, promoting a deeper understanding of STEAM. Participants will explore real-world projects, develop compelling essays, and refine research techniques. This camp empowers students to articulate their thoughts eloquently and think critically, preparing them to become leaders who can confidently navigate future challenges.  Students can display their outputs using multimodal texts like video games, websites, video production, etc.


SAT® and PSAT®Score Soaring Saturdays

Backed by research, dive into the future of SAT® and PSAT® prep with Masterpiece Academy's exclusive webinar series, designed for the digital age. Our "Score Soaring Saturdays" are more than just an informational session; they're a dynamic, interactive journey into the heart of test mastery.

Game Lit and Test Prep

Get an overview of your child's skills and understand what you must do before the tests.

Learn from the best. Our seasoned educators and curriculum developers will guide you through each section of the SAT® and PSAT®, unraveling the mysteries behind each question type.

We understand that every student is unique. Our webinars offer personalized tips and strategies, ensuring that you're prepared and prepared in the best way for you.

From time management to critical thinking, we equip you with skills beyond the test, preparing you for college and beyond.

Join a vibrant community of fellow students, share experiences, and build the confidence you need to excel.

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