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Comprehensive 8th Grade Academies of Loudoun Classes

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academies of loudoun test prep

Our classes, crafted by licensed educators and curriculum experts, offer specialized math, science, and writing instruction.

Free Writing Sample and STEM Thinking Skills Test Practice

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing your child for the Academies of Loudoun admission test?  Wondering how to start, what to focus on, and how to keep your child motivated?  You're not alone.  This test can seem daunting as your child enters this crucial middle school phase in grades six to eight.  But fear not!

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Guiding students through the Academies of Loudoun Writing Assessment is a journey of shaping young minds to articulate their thoughts with clarity and creativity. It is about teaching them to see writing as a powerful tool for expression and critical thinking.  As a National Board Certified Literacy Coach, I nurture their skills and confidence, helping them weave their ideas into a tapestry of persuasive and coherent narratives.


Krishna Cart, MA Ed, NBCT

STEM & Literacy Summer Camp: Integrating Reading, Writing & Research

This summer, we invite middle school students to embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery and creativity with our "Interactive Media and STEM Writing" workshop. Tailored for grades 6 to 8, this program is a groundbreaking exploration of interactive media, video game design, and the mastery of STEM research writing. Here's how this workshop stands as a cornerstone for young innovators and storytellers ready to make their mark in the digital age and beyond.


This workshop is designed for creative and passionate students in grades 6 to 8 eager to explore the dynamic field of interactive media and video game design, coupled with the art of persuasive writing. Participants will explore creating digital narratives and interactive experiences, learning how these mediums can convey powerful messages and stories. The workshop emphasizes the importance of persuasive writing techniques and research skills for crafting compelling narratives within games and academic endeavors such as STEM school admissions, internships, scholarships, and college essay writing. By merging game design and multimodal literacy with compelling writing, students will leave with unique skills, ready to influence the world of interactive media and beyond.



Let’s dive into practical

Let’s dive into practical, manageable strategies to help your Loudoun County family turn this challenge into a triumph.

Monday Mastering the Maze for Middle Schoolers

Join us every second Monday of the month for "Monday Mastering the Maze for Middle Schoolers," an insightful webinar series crafted to navigate the intricate admissions process of Northern Virginia’s top STEM schools, including Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) and the Academies of Loudoun. Discover test-taking skills, the importance of the IAAT® placement test, and the roadmap to STEM success in our informative sessions.

Mastering the Maze Mondays

Unlock the secrets and strategies to enhance your application and stand out in a competitive field. 

Gain a deeper understanding of what TJHSST and the Academies of Loudoun offer, aligning with your child’s ambitions and talents.

Our speakers, a diverse group of experienced professionals passionate about STEM education, range from teachers and admission counselors to distinguished alumni, supportive parents, and renowned professionals in various STEM fields. This rich blend of perspectives ensures a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed.

We understand that every student is unique. Our webinars offer personalized tips and strategies, ensuring that you're prepared and prepared in the best way for you.

From time management to critical thinking, we equip you with skills beyond the test, preparing you for college and beyond.

Receive free practice items and get an overview of your child's skills. Sign up in the appropriate button below.

Learn from our licensed educators, who will share actionable techniques and practices for excelling in writing, math, and science assessments, including specialized preparation for the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test. 

Join a vibrant community of fellow students, share experiences, and build the confidence you need to excel.

Preparing for the Academies of Loudoun admission test is a journey that involves more than just academic preparation.

It's about fostering resilience, discipline, and a love for learning.  With the right approach, this experience can set the foundation for your child’s future academic endeavors.  So, are you ready to embark on this journey with your child, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and success?


Flexibility: Tailor the process to fit your busy life. Work through the program at your own pace, on your terms.

Personalized Approach: This program allows you to dive deep into your aspirations, strengths, and interests, leading to a more authentic and meaningful career goal statement.


PSAT® Prep
Rising 11th Graders
  • Students currently enrolled in Math Analysis, AP Precalculus, or AP Calculus AB.
  • Successful completion of 2 science credits by the end of 10th grade
  • Final grade of C or above in each course in grade 9 and grade of C or above in each course for Semester I of grade 10


PSAT® Prep
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August 3 Proclaim! Day at the Museum of the Bible
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Junior & Senior Bible Bee Online Game

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