The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test®, or IAAT®, is a standardized quantitative measure of algebra readiness.

It is used as an advanced math placement like Algebra 1 Honors or, in some situations, a criterion for accelerated or intensive Math classes.


Four categories of the IAAT®

Students must learn the content, strategies, and test-taking strategies since each fifteen-item question must be finished within ten minutes.

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60 Items in 40 Minutes

Pre-algebraic number skills and concepts

Pre-algebraic number skills and concepts

The items on this subtest measure a student's computational skills, understanding of mathematical concepts, and the ability to solve mathematics problems

Using Symbols

Using Symbols

This section measures how well students understand some of the important symbols of algebra.

Representing relationships

Representing relationships

For each of the exercises in this part of the test, the student must find the rule that represents the given numerical relationship. Some of the items present the relationship in table form while others present the relationship in verbal form.

Interpreting mathematical information

Interpreting mathematical information

The items on this part are based upon information presented in graphs or upon definitions of mathematical terms or operations. The items assess how well a student can learn new material presented in graphs or text.

In Loudoun County Public Schools, IAAT® is given to all fifth graders as one of the criteria for the following year’s Accelerated Math 6/7, along with teacher and counselor recommendations, math grades, end-of-the-year Virginia Math Standard of Learning results, and parent evaluation of math attitude and work habits.

Algebra 1 Honors in 7th Grade

In Fairfax County Public Schools, the IAAT® is administered to all Level 4 Advanced Academic Program (AAP) students in 6th grade or some selected fifth-grade students who are exceptionally excellent in math to determine placement in Algebra 1 Honors in seventh grade.

Algebra 1 Honors in 7th Grade
In Fairfax County Public Schools

In Fairfax County Public Schools

There are three criteria in FCPS. Students’ IAAT® scores must be in the upper 91st percentile and have scored 500+ in Math 7 SOL. The Math 7 SOL is administered to all 6th-grade AAP students.

When 6th-grade AAP students and selected 5th-grade FCPS students satisfy these requirements, they are automatically placed in the Algebra 1 Honors in 7th grade.

TJHSST or Academies of Loudoun

TJHSST or Academies of Loudoun

One of the benefits of being placed in Accelerated Math 6/7 in sixth grade in LCPS or Algebra 1 Honors in seventh grade in FCPS is the competitive advantage and eligibility of your children to apply to STEM Magnet schools and Governor’s school in Northern Virginia, like the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) and the Academies of Loudoun that includes Academy of Science (AOS) and Academy of Engineering and Technology (AET).

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