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Test Preparations for Elementary Students

We use holistic and formative assessments and use the data to drive instruction.

A study by Gee (2003) on video games and learning emphasizes how games can enhance cognitive development, including problem-solving, pattern recognition, and systemic thinking.

This summer, open the door to a world of creativity, innovation, and learning with our specially designed STEAM classes. From the fundamentals of game design to the wonders of science and technology, we've crafted unique experiences that cater to the curiosity and talents of all learners. Refining reading, writing, and research skills are at the heart of our STEAM classes.

Calling all young heroes! At the Super Science and Tech Inventors Camp, first and second-graders will unlock their superpowers through the power of reading, writing, and STEM challenges. Science genius campers may create superhero characters with origin stories and handcrafted costumes while exploring the science behind superpowers through exciting experiments, simulation, research, and projects. This camp blends creativity with critical thinking, encouraging campers to imagine the impossible and discover how to make it possible through teamwork and innovation.

This is also a venue where young minds may transform into inventors, using their reading, writing, and STEM skills to solve puzzles and create gadgets. First and second graders will embark on a mission to read about famous inventors and their creations, write stories of their inventions, and then bring their ideas to life with basic designing and engineering projects. This camp encourages curiosity, logical thinking, and creativity, providing a foundation for lifelong learning and innovation.


Game Lit Remix offers a unique blend of video game design, STEM research, and narrative writing, tailored for grades 3 to 6 interested in the intersection of STEAM disciplines and creative writing. This camp focuses on developing skills in game design, character development, and plot creation, all while emphasizing critical thinking and writing for academic applications. Students will learn how to construct compelling narratives within the framework of their video games, enhancing their portfolio for STEM high schools like TJ and Academies of Loudoun, scholarships, internships, and college applications. Workshops on game design principles and interactive storytelling will empower students to bring their visionary games to life, fostering a unique set of highly valuable skills in both academic and professional realms.

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NNAT® Prep Benefits
Third Thursdays: Gifted Portfolio, CogAt® and NNAT® Tips
Mastering the Maze Mondays
Monday Mastering the Maze for Middle Schoolers: TJHSST, Academies of Loudoun and IAAT® Test Tips
NNAT® Prep Benefits
Third Thursdays: Gifted Portfolio, CogAt® and NNAT® Tips

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