National Bible Bee Summer Study: Family Roadmap

The National Bible Bee Summer Study offers an enriching journey through Scripture, designed to deepen young believers’ understanding of the Word of God. As families embark on this 8-week adventure, each participant will be equipped with a Discovery Journal. These carefully crafted guides contain daily lessons structured around meaningful Scripture engagement. Each day, from Monday to Friday, participants will spend about 20 minutes diving into God’s Word through these lessons.

By incorporating elements of study, memorization, and application, the Discovery Journal serves as a foundational tool in cultivating a Bible study routine in young hearts and minds. The weekly meetings—whether attended in person or online—further enhance this experience. These gatherings are not just educational but are imbued with a sense of community and fellowship. Here, quizzes spark friendly competition and discussions delve deeper into the weekly scriptures, reinforcing the lessons learned.

As the summer progresses, these weekly sessions become a cherished time for families, filled with games that weave fun with faith and quizzes that challenge and affirm knowledge. It’s a time of growth, not just in the knowledge of the Bible but also in the bonds between those who walk this path together. Whether at local group meetings or through vibrant online forums, the spirit of fellowship strengthens the commitment to God’s Word and to each other, making every moment of the study impactful and memorable.

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