National Bible Bee Summer Study: Family Roadmap

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The National Bible Bee's Summer Study is a focused 8-week program running from June to July. It offers a structured and engaging way for children and teens aged 7 to 18 to deepen their knowledge of the Scriptures through daily activities and community involvement.

Registration and Discovery Journals



Ensure your registration is completed by the spring deadline. This enrollment is crucial as it determines your receipt of the necessary study materials.

Discovery Journals


Participants will receive their Discovery Journals by the last week of May. These journals are designed to guide the daily study with five lessons each weekday, each taking about 20 minutes to complete.

Summer Study Structure

Daily Study


From Monday to Friday, participants should spend approximately 20 minutes on the lessons provided in their Discovery Journals. These journals are structured to deepen the participants' understanding of the Bible progressively and provide a good study tool for studying the Bible effectively.

Weekly Meetings


Families have the option to join weekly meetings either in person or online. These gatherings are vital to enriching the study experience. Activities during these meetings include:

  • Discussion: Review and discuss the lessons covered in the Discovery Journals.
  • Quizzes: Engage in quizzes to test understanding and retention of the weekly scripture passages.
  • Games and Fellowship: Participate in fun, engaging, and educational games.
  • Deepening Scriptural Understanding: Use these interactions to deepen understanding and genuinely internalize the teachings of the Bible.


Bible Bee In-Person
Bible Bee Online

Proclaim Day & Competitions

Proclaim Day at the Museum of the Bible


Join the Masterpiece Academy at the Museum of the Bible on August 3rd for a day of celebration, games, and competitions. This event highlights the participants' achievements and is open to all.  


Participants aiming to qualify for the National Bible Bee competition will find significant value in attending Proclaim Day at the Museum of the Bible. This event is an excellent platform to practice public speaking skills in a supportive environment that mirrors the national stage. Engaging in Bible Bee games that simulate the actual competition experience is beneficial for refining memorization and oral recitation techniques and helps build confidence and poise under pressure. As a rehearsal for the grand competition, Proclaim Day offers a crucial practice opportunity, allowing participants to fine-tune their oral recitation of Scriptures and prepare mentally and spiritually for the challenges ahead. This makes it an indispensable part of the preparation for those serious about excelling in the National Bible Bee.

National Qualifying Test


Set for August 9th, this rigorous 100-item timed test is a crucial step for participants aiming to progress to the National Bible Bee Competition, slated for November in North Carolina. The test is a decisive factor, with only the top 120 scorers from each division earning a spot in this esteemed and highly competitive event.


To aid in preparation, the Masterpiece Academy's online learning platform offers weekly 25-item timed tests. This consistent practice helps participants develop their test-taking speed and accuracy, essential skills for excelling in the high-stakes environment of the National Qualifying Test. Join the online study groups!


NBB Proclaim! Day

The National Bible Bee Summer Study provides a structured, supportive, and spiritually enriching path for young people to engage with the Bible. Through daily studies, weekly meetings, and special events, participants prepare for competition, build lasting memories, and deepen their faith. This summer promises to be a learning, growth, and joyful fellowship for all involved.

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