Your Family’s Journey on the National Bible Bee Roadmap: Tips for Integration and Inspiration

NBB Road Map

The National Bible Bee offers an exciting spiritual journey for families nationwide, merging the love of God's Word with the joy of community and competition. With over $135,000 in prizes, the roadmap to the National Bible Bee Competition is an enriching adventure of faith, memory, and fellowship. Here's your guide to navigating this blessed path from the Summer Study to the national stage!

Embark on a transformative journey that will deepen your family's knowledge of the Bible and strengthen your bonds. The National Bible Bee is not just a competition; it's a spiritual odyssey that weaves Scripture into the daily rhythm of life.

You can integrate this enriching experience into your family's routine at each milestone.

Bible at the park
June to July: Family Summer Study


Kick-Off the Summer with Scripture: The road begins with the Family Summer Study, a time for families to delve deep into the Bible using the NBB Discovery Journal tool.  It's a period of unity where each member, from the youngest to the oldest, comes together to explore the richness of scripture since the NBB DJ theme is the same for all divisions.

Incorporate Devotionals: Make it a BTT - Breakfast Table Tradition or DD - Dinner Devotion to read and discuss the day’s Scripture as a family, setting a spiritually nourishing tone for the day.

  • Assign each family member a day of the week to lead the discussion, ensuring everyone is actively involved.
  • Start a family journal, documenting insights and reflections as you journey through the Summer Study.
  • If you choose to be unhosted, the NBB Social Dashboard has many talented and creative hosts who post their creative ideas, quizzes, and games online for free.
  • The Masterpiece Academy gives free online weekly quizzes and game competitions open to all families (hosted or unhosted) and all hosts. Sign up in our study group below and check out our events!


Free Bible Bee Summer Study

Online or In-Person.  Games. Fun. Fellowship.

Breakfast or Dinner Devotional

 August: Proclaim Day


Celebrating God's Word: Proclaim Day is a unique celebration.  It's an opportunity for families to step out in faith and share what they've learned.


Practice Public Speaking and Performance: Use the weeks leading up to Proclaim Day to practice public speaking skills. Set aside time each week for family members to present their memory scriptures or reflections from the Summer Study. Families do not need to be hosted. You can join the Bible Bee without a host group (it's a preference).

  • Transform your living room into a stage for dress rehearsals, with homemade costumes and props to bring Bible stories to life.
  • Prepare a family presentation or skit based on your favorite Bible story from the Summer Study. Invite your neighbors and friends, and have your kids recite their memory verses in front of close friends and families.
  • Do it online! Record your children reciting their memory verses and post them on social media so the whole world can hear the Gospel!
  • The NBB Social Dashboard has ideas from creative and talented hosts nationwide, so you don't need to do it alone!
  • This is great practice for the National Bible Bee Competition. Any family can sign up for the Masterpiece Academy's Proclaim Day at the Museum of the Bible on the weekend of August 3, 2024, in Washington, D.C., and get a chance to win medals and prizes. This is a great way to face their stage fright and be ready for the big NBB judges!



Qualifying Test


Testing Knowledge and Faith: The Qualifying Test is a milestone consisting of 100 questions that assess the knowledge gained during the Summer Study. This is where the rubber meets the road, as families support their young scholars in preparation for the test.

  • Create flashcards of the most challenging verses and questions to review as a family.
  • Join the Bible Bee Games organized by NBB hosts and alumni teams.  The NBB alumni teams, hosts, and other participants create their games and freely share them.
  • The Masterpiece Academy has weekly tests and game competitions that are great practice for the National Bible Bee competition.



Free Bible Bee Summer Study

Online or In-Person.  Games. Fun. Fellowship.

Family Prayer Board

Continuous Learning and Fellowship


Foster an Environment of Continuous Growth: The journey to the National Bible Bee should encourage an ongoing learning culture in your home. Keep Bible verses visible around the house, and incorporate scripture recitation into your evening routine.

  • Create a ‘verse of the week’ board in a common area where family members can write down and illustrate the verse they’re memorizing.
  • Create a Family Prayer Board T-chart where every family member posts their prayer requests and answered prayers.


Free Bible Bee Summer Study

Online or In-Person.  Games. Fun. Fellowship.


November 11-14, 2024: National Bible Bee Competition in Ridgecrest, NC


Reaching the Destination: The culmination of your journey is the National Bible Bee Competition. In the serene setting of Ridgecrest, NC, from November 11-14, 2024, it's a time for joyous celebration, fellowship, and friendly competition.

  • Plan your family trip to include sightseeing and relaxation, making the National Bible Bee Competition an unforgettable family vacation.


The Enduring Prize


Remember, the journey through the National Bible Bee Roadmap is about more than prizes or accolades; it's about instilling a lifelong love for the Word of God, and enjoying the unique bond it creates within your family.

Final Encouragement

As you make your way through the roadmap, keep in mind that each step is an opportunity for growth, togetherness, and joy in God's Word. Cherish each moment—from the daily devotionals to the final recitations—and watch as the seeds of faith planted through the National Bible Bee bloom throughout your family's life.


As the Psalmist says in Psalm 119:105, "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." The National Bible Bee is not merely an event; it illuminates the path to deeper faith and family unity. The verses learned, the friendships made, and the memories created form a mosaic of experiences that reflect the light of God's Word in the lives of its participants.



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