The Ultimate Prep Guide for the Advanced Academy of Engineering & Technology (AET) Writing Task at the Masterpiece Academy

Advanced AET 9 to 11

Embarking on the journey to master the Advanced Academy of Engineering and Technology Writing Prep at the Masterpiece Academy is an adventure in creative excellence and intellectual rigor. This test challenges writers to elevate their craft to new heights. To aid in this quest, the Masterpiece Academy offers an extensive syllabus, rich in lessons and resources, designed to prepare you thoroughly for every aspect of the test.

Excel in Your Endeavor!

Crucial Contents

We guide you through constructing a compelling essay, focusing on elements that resonate with the Academy of Loudoun's Mission-Vision. This part of the syllabus emphasizes the importance of aligning your writing with the academy's values and expectations.

Writing Rubric

Understanding the Academies of Loudoun Writing Rubric' is crucial for success. This is your roadmap to excelling in the Writing Task, as it details the criteria your writing will be evaluated against.

Video Lessons & Strategies

Access a series of expertly crafted video lessons at your convenience. These modules cover everything from brainstorming to test-taking strategies, providing a solid timed essay preparation.

Successful Essays

Have an in-depth look at successful essays from our past students, breaking down the key elements that made these essays stand out. By understanding these components, you can gain insights into what the academy values in student writing and how you can emulate these successes in your work.

Strategic Feedback

Receive prompt, detailed feedback from our experienced teachers. They offer insights and tips on effectively integrating your background and experiences into your writing essay drafts.

Writing Techniques

These lessons are game-changers. They equip you with advanced writing techniques and strategic approaches to the test, ensuring you can write confidently under timed conditions and produce work that is both creative and analytically sound.

Retired Prompts

These resources offer a glimpse into the types of prompts you may encounter, allowing you to practice and prepare effectively.

Take your first step towards mastering the Writing Task.

Risiing 11th Graders
  • Students currently enrolled in Math Analysis, AP Precalculus, or AP Calculus AB.
  • Successful completion of 2 science credits by the end of 10th grade
  • Final grade of C or above in each course in grade 9 and grade of C or above in each course for Semester I of grade 10


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