Spark Your Middle Schooler’s Creativity & STEM Genius This Summer!

This summer at Masterpiece Academy, we've got something cool for your kids, especially if they're into all things STEM and have a creative streak. We're excited to introduce our Summer STEAM class, Interactive Media and STEM Writing, and our not-to-be-missed monthly webinar series, Mastering the Maze for Middle Schoolers. Trust me, it will be a game-changer for your young learners!

So What's Cooking This Summer?

Dive Into the Digital World with Interactive Media and STEM Writing

Video Game1

Imagine your child playing video games and learning to create their own. That's what we're offering with our STEAM class. It's a mix of graphic design, storytelling, and research that taps into the heart of interactive media.

Interactive Media and Graphic Design: Students start with the basics, exploring graphic design principles and their application in interactive media. They'll create interactive media pieces through hands-on projects, understanding the design process from concept to execution.


The Art of Storytelling in Interactive Media and Games: Students will learn about storyboard development, character and world-building, and narrative integration into game design. This unit nurtures not only their design skills but also their ability to weave compelling stories.


Reading, Writing, Research, and Curation Project: The curriculum culminates in a significant research project, encouraging students to delve deep into interactive media or game design topics. This project hones their research, writing, and analytical skills, which are crucial for academic and professional success.

Reading Writing Research3

Oh, and did I mention? The incredible projects your kids work on can be the star of their middle school portfolio, especially handy if they're eyeing a spot at prestigious STEM schools like TJHSST and the Academies of Loudoun.

STEM School Success

Every second Monday of the month, we're throwing open our virtual doors to illuminate the mystifying world of STEM school admissions. We've got insider tips, test-taking strategies, and much more to help your child stand out in the crowded field of applicants.

Let's Talk About Game Literacy and Multiliteracy

In today's digital age, understanding games and how they're made (game literacy) and communicating across various forms of media (multimodal literacy) are critical skills. Our Summer STEAM class teaches your kids how to create digital content; it helps them become fluent in the language of today's media. This literacy goes beyond just reading and writing — it's about interpreting, engaging with, and creating content across different platforms, from videos to games to social media. It's the skill that prepares them for the future, where technology and communication are intertwined.

STEM Reading Writing Research

So, why not allow your child to jump into this immersive learning experience? They will have a blast (who wouldn't love making their own game or digital story?) and pick up some seriously valuable skills along the way. Plus, with the bonus of our Mastering the Maze webinars, you'll have everything you need to navigate the path to those top-notch STEM schools.

Let's make this summer unforgettable with Masterpiece Academy. Sign up now and watch your child's creativity and STEM skills soar to new heights!

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