Journeyer’s Jubilee and Summitteers Spotlight: Insights and Reflections from the June 7 Bible Bee Meeting

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On June 7, our Junior and Senior Bible Bee participants gathered for another enriching meeting. We started the session with a heartfelt prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit's guidance for our discussions. The main focus of our meeting was to delve into the study scripture passage, John 12:12-50, and explore its application in our daily lives. It was followed by the Scripture Sprint, a fun way to review the week's lessons from one to five.  See the video above.

Unit 1 Junior Small Group Discussion

Small Group Discussions

After the opening prayer, we divided the participants into small groups to facilitate more intimate and engaging discussions. This format allowed everyone to share their thoughts and insights more freely and personally. We sincerely appreciated the Bible Bee parents who stepped up to lead and support these discussions, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience for most of our groups.


However, a few groups did not have parent volunteers, which made their discussions less productive compared to others.


Junior Division Key Highlights

Here are some of the insightful observations and reflections shared by our young participants:

Understanding Prophecy

The juniors delved into how the fulfillment of Zechariah’s prophecy (Zechariah 9:9) in John 12:15 highlights the importance of Old Testament prophecies and their fulfillment in the New Testament. They talked about how understanding these prophecies strengthens their faith.

Responding to Jesus

They reflected on the varied responses to Jesus’ miracles and teachings, particularly the belief of some Jews and the disbelief of others despite witnessing the same events. This led to a discussion on personal faith and witnessing to others.

Living the Message

Applying Jesus’ message of light overcoming darkness, the juniors brainstormed ways to be “lights” in their communities, such as through acts of kindness, standing up for what is right, and sharing their faith with peers.

Walking in the Light

One of the key lessons from the scripture passage was Jesus' call to walk in the light. The children brainstormed ways they could be lights in their communities. Some ideas included helping others, being kind, and sharing God's love with those around them.

Senior Unit 1

Senior Division Key Highlights

The Hour Has Come

They examined Jesus’ statement about His hour having come (John 12:23) and discussed the significance of His impending crucifixion and glorification. This led to a profound conversation on sacrifice, purpose, and the Christian calling.

Belief and Unbelief

The seniors explored the complex dynamics of belief and unbelief presented in John 12:37-43, discussing why some people reject Jesus despite clear signs and miracles. This prompted them to think about the obstacles to faith in contemporary society.


Walking in the Light

They talked about the practical implications of Jesus’ exhortation to walk in the light (John 12:35-36), sharing personal experiences and strategies for living out their faith in a sometimes challenging world.

Bible Bee Parent Volunteer

Our meeting on June 7 was a meaningful and spiritually enriching experience for all participants. The small group discussions allowed each age group to connect deeply with the scripture and consider its relevance.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Bible Bee parents who stepped up at the last minute to facilitate these discussions and ensure the session's success.


However, we also recognize that a few groups were less productive due to the absence of parent volunteers. Your involvement is vital to making these sessions as impactful as possible.


We need your support to make our Bible Bee meetings more enriching and impactful for our children. As a small group leader, your role is simple yet crucial: read the discussion questions, ensure the children stay on topic, respect each other, and give everyone a chance to share.


Please sign up and make a difference!



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