June 21 Junior and Senior Bible Bee Meeting Highlights

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On June 21, our Junior and Senior Bible Bee students gathered for June's last meeting. We opened in prayers.  Here are the highlights from our latest meeting.


Perfect Oral Recitation Champions

We took a moment to acknowledge and play a special video of the Memory Verse Marathon Week 2 Champions. This video showcased students who got perfect oral recitations of the give Units 1 and 2 Memory Passages.  We aim to motivate all the students to keep memorizing their memory verses.



Memory Verse Marathon 3

For Memory Verse Marathon 3 (7 passages), all students will orally recite the memory passages starting from Unit 1 in the Masterpiece Academy's Bible Bee LMS for 14,000 points. A family member will need to announce their students' scores. This aims to embed the "Recite and Repeat" memorization routine in all our Bible Bee participants in preparation for the NBBC and our August 3 Proclaim! Day at the Museum of the Bible.


Small Group Discussion

Krishna Cart thanked the Bible Bee parent volunteers, referring to them as "Bible Bee Heroes."

Volunteers were invited to share highlights from their small groups. Heather Franseen highlighted the growth and enthusiasm of the girls in her group, praising their willingness to share what God is teaching them. Josh Franseen mentioned that his group had a meaningful time praying and discussing their weekly questions, noting some challenges but overall good engagement.

Unit 3 Junior Small Group

Finding Peace in Jesus' Promise (John 14:1-4)

Students discussed how the assurance of Jesus preparing a place for them in Heaven provides hope and comfort.


They shared strategies to remind themselves of this promise during difficult times and how this assurance helps them support others feeling anxious.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:5-7)

Participants reflected on the significance of Jesus being the only way to the Father and its impact on their faith.


They explored ways to strengthen their relationship with God and remain committed to His teachings, being positive examples to others.

The Promise and Experience of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-31)

 Students shared specific instances of the Holy Spirit's guidance, bringing wisdom, peace, and courage.


They explored spiritual practices that help them stay attuned to the Holy Spirit's presence daily.

Unit 3 Senior Small Group

Jesus' Promise & Your Decisions, Goals & Purpose (John 14:1-4)

 Seniors reflected on how Jesus' promise of a place in Heaven influences their decisions, goals, and handling of life's challenges.


They considered using this promise to encourage others struggling with fear or uncertainty.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:5-7)

Participants recounted times when they had to choose between following Jesus' teachings and societal pressures, sharing their decisions and outcomes.


They discussed how following Jesus shapes their values and identity and how they can live out this truth visibly.

The Promise and Experience of the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-31)

Students shared experiences of feeling the Holy Spirit's guidance, providing wisdom and courage in various situations.


They discussed practices like prayer and scripture reading that help them stay connected to the Holy Spirit.

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Scripture Sprint Champions

Before playing the Scripture Sprint, we acknowledged the reigning Top Ten Scripture Sprint Winners.

Like the Gospel Gladiator Weekly Timed Test, the Scripture Sprint reviews the current unit. It serves as test preparation for the August 9th National Bible Bee Qualifying Test and our host's August 3rd Proclaim Day competitions at the Museum of the Bible. We prepared weekly questions that reinforced the unit's lessons. Watch the video above.


June 21 Top 3 Scripture Sprint Winners Sharing


Leah, Susanna, and Alistair were recognized for their dedication and progress. Leah shared that she was not in the top ten in the previous Scripture Sprint and improved her score through better study habits. Susanna was consistently quizzed by her mom, and Alistair shared his ongoing study routine.


Memory Verse Marathon and Gospel Gladiator Are Still On!

Krishna Cart announced that while the regular meetings will resume on July 12, the Memory Verse Marathon and Gospel Gladiators will continue during the break for those enrolled in the Masterpiece Academy's Bible Bee LMS.


Entries for the Memory Verse Marathon should be submitted through the LMS, and the participants must follow the instructions of family members announcing their scores to reinforce the “recite and repeat” lessons in memorizing the Scripture.  Krishna Cart emphasized the importance of reciting and repeating memory verses with family members, who should also score and record the recitations.


The Gospel Gladiators will increase to 50 items this week in preparation for the August 9th National Bible Bee Qualifying Test.  


We also encouraged the students to finish their Gospel Gladiator weekly timed tests. These tests are a great way to test their knowledge and prepare for the NBBC Qualifying Test and the Proclaim! Day contest at our August 3rd Museum of the Bible event.


The names and scores of the top students (88% and above) are displayed on our host's Bible Bee page weekly.

Creative Projects and Proclaim Day

Preston Burns was acknowledged for his creative representation of memory verses using Canva.

Participants were reminded that their creative works, i.e., Memory Verse Masterpieces, will be featured on the Bible Bee website and blog and displayed at the Museum of the Bible's Proclaim Day.

Details about Proclaim Day were provided in the email blast in the NBB dashboard and the Masterpiece Academy's Bible Bee LMS. We encourage everyone to attend and prepare, as it simulates the National Bible Bee Semi-Final and Final rounds and keeps the students motivated to keep reading their Bibles.

The meeting concluded with expressions of gratitude and reminders to stay engaged with the Bible Bee activities through the LMS during the break.

Thanks to the Bible Bee parents who stepped up to lead the small groups. Your dedication and support were instrumental in creating an engaging and respectful discussion environment.

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