June 14 Primary Bible Bee Meeting Highlights

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On June 14, our Primary Bible Bee students gathered for another enriching session filled with insightful discussions, engaging activities, and moments of spiritual growth. Here are the highlights from our latest meeting.


Perfect Oral Recitation Champions

We took a moment to acknowledge and play a special video of the Memory Verse Marathon Week 1 Champions. This video showcased students who got perfect oral recitations of the three Unit 1 memory passages.  We aim to motivate all the children to keep memorizing their memory verses.



Memory Verse Marathon 2 (Week 2)

For Memory Verse Marathon 2 (Week 2), all students will orally recite the previous and the current week's memory passages in our host's Bible Bee LMS. A family member will need to announce their students' scores. This aims to embed the "Recite and Repeat" memorization routine in all our Bible Bee participants in preparation for the NBBC and our August 3 Proclaim! Day at the Museum of the Bible.


Below is an example of the correct Memory Verse Marathon entry from Jonathon Sanford.


Small Group Discussion

During the small group discussions, led by dedicated Bible Bee parent volunteers, the children delved into the reflection and application questions from the Unit 2 study passage (John 13:1-38). Here’s a summary of what the students learned:

Unit 2 Primary Small Group

Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet (John 13:1-17)

Lesson on Humility and Servanthood: The children learned that Jesus washing His disciples' feet teaches us about humility and serving others, even when we hold positions of authority or respect. They discussed how this act showed Jesus' love and care for His disciples and considered how they might have felt witnessing such an unexpected act of kindness.


Application: The students reflected on times when someone did something kind for them unexpectedly and how it made them feel. They discussed ways they can show similar kindness to others in their daily lives.

Showing Love (John 13:34-35)

Lesson on Love: The children learned about Jesus' command to love others as He has loved us. They discussed instances where they showed love to someone, even when it was difficult, and how those actions made a difference.


Application: The students reflected on how showing love can impact their daily interactions with classmates, teachers, and family members. They brainstormed practical ways to be more loving in their everyday lives.

Facing Challenges (John 13:36-38)

Lesson on Faith and Forgiveness: The children discussed Peter’s promise to Jesus and his subsequent denial. They related this to times when they found it hard to do the right thing and the lessons learned from those experiences.


Application: The students shared how they can ask Jesus for help when faced with difficulties and remembered to rely on Him during challenging times. They also discussed the importance of perseverance and seeking support from their faith community.

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Scripture Sprint Top Ten Champions

The Scripture Sprint, like the Gospel Gladiator Weekly Timed Test, reviews Unit 2, Lessons 1 to 5, and serves as test preparation for the August 9th National Bible Bee Qualifying Test and our August 3rd Proclaim Day competitions at the Museum of the Bible. We prepared weekly questions that reinforced the unit's lessons. Watch the video above.

Gospel Gladiator Timed Test

We also encouraged the students to finish their Gospel Gladiator weekly timed tests. These tests are a great way to test their knowledge and prepare for the NBBC Qualifying Test and the Proclaim! Day contest at our August 3rd Museum of the Bible event.


The names and scores of the top 15% of students (85% and above) are displayed on our host's Bible Bee page weekly.

Bible Bee Parent Volunteers

A special thanks to the Bible Bee parents who stepped up to lead the small groups. Your dedication and support were instrumental in creating an engaging and respectful discussion environment.

We are so blessed by all our Bible Bee families' insights and enthusiasm, and we look forward to continuing this journey of faith and discovery together.

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