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Why embed simulations, multimodal texts, games, and digital texts in the classroom?

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"Harvard University's Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles, rooted in three decades of pioneering research, are the foundation of our enriched learning experience. These principles champion the creation of curricula that accommodate individual learning differences through multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement, ensuring all learners have equal opportunities to succeed. Drawing from extensive research in the learning sciences, including cognitive neuroscience, our approach leverages UDL to foster inclusive, adaptive educational environments that recognize and realize every student's unique potential."

How to Embed Simulations, Multimodal Texts and Games 

Simulations, multimodal texts and games combine multiple forms of media – including text, sound, images, and interactivity. According to research, exposure to these fosters engagement, problem solving, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Transforming Trials Into Triumph

Join Krishna Cart on her inspiring journey from her initial pursuit of National Board Certification in 2007, transforming challenges into innovations in education. As she navigated the crucial requirement of integrating technology and content in her classroom, Krishna delved deep into literacy journals, transforming cutting-edge research into dynamic lesson plans.  Fuelled by this success, Krishna is now on a mission to share these empowering pedagogies with educators globally through presentations at local, national, and international conferences. Embark on this journey with her and revolutionize your teaching approach!"


"Empowering students with the tools to navigate and craft digital and multimodal texts is not just an enhancement to literacy education—it is a fundamental necessity. In today’s interconnected world, mastering these skills is crucial for effective communication, critical thinking, and active participation in our digital society."

Krishna Cart, MA Ed, NBCT

Simulations, Games and Multimodal Texts in Learning

Learn more about how we embed simulations and games into our writing workshops.

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Your experiences and feedback will directly contribute to academic research and practical application in our school’s educational approach. Receive a coupon code that you can use for all our classes in your email when you participate.


Your insights on student engagement, learning outcomes and the integration of traditional and digital methods are valuable.

Bible Bee Summer Study hosted by The Masterpiece Academy

Your unique perspectives are essential in shaping an education system that is both effective and relevant in today’s digital age.

Interactive Storytelling

Your voice is key to assessing the direct impact of these digital and multimodal texts on your learning experience.

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This project, a vital part of Krishna Cart's Applied Learning Design coursework at Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education, aims to explore the integration of digital and multimodal texts – including games, songs, MTV-style videos, plays, podcasts, documentaries, movie segments, and video games – into the classrooms for students in grades 1 to 12. Our goal is to understand how these innovative learning tools can complement traditional teaching methods to enrich student learning and engagement.


High-Impact Reading and Writing Tutoring

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