the quest for truth

Are you ready to journey beyond the stars and become a hero of planet Earth?

Dive into the mysterious realm of Scientia, a distant world where beings with incredible powers safeguard the cosmos. A dire call from Earth has echoed through the universe.

Join forces with the Guardians of Scientia, extraordinary heroes who have descended upon Earth to tackle this fiery menace. But there’s a twist—you’re one of them, disguised as a middle school student, equipped with unique abilities and advanced knowledge unknown to mankind.

 Why Join the Quest?

Make a Difference

 Use your journey and discoveries to contribute to solving one of the planet’s most pressing issues.

Become a hero: Step into the shoes of a Guardian and use your wits and skills to save Earth.

Learn and grow: Engage in STEM research through an adventure that challenges your mind and sparks your creativity.

Connect and collaborate: Work alongside fellow Guardians in interactive workshops and forums to brainstorm groundbreaking solutions.


Join the Quuest

Your Adventure Awaits!

Join the Guardians.  Save the Planet.  Become a Legend!

Sign up now to unlock your potential, embark on a mission to save Earth, and transform into the hero you were destined to be. Scientia is the place where the quest for knowledge, power, and truth begins. Are you ready to answer the call?


Starting in the summer of 2024, our middle school writing workshop classes will have simulations, games, and multimodal texts in a supportive learning environment.

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