what to bring to the sat
January 12, 2018

What Students Need to Bring to the SAT

You’ve likely done a lot to prepare for the SAT. After months of studying and planning, you probably think you’ve covered all of the bases. However, there is one last thing you must consider. You need to know what to bring and what not to bring on the day of your test. A little preparation now can help make test day go as smoothly as possible.

What to Bring to the SAT

Printed Admission Ticket
You will not be allowed to take the SAT without a paper copy of your admission ticket.

Photo Identification
The photograph on your identification must resemble the photo you uploaded when you registered for your test. Acceptable forms of ID include a current driver’s license, passport, military ID or current student ID card. Expired or damaged forms of ID will not be accepted.

#2 Pencils and Working Erasers
Bring at least two #2 pencils and a good quality eraser with you on the day of your test. Extra pencils and a small sharpener can help ensure you’re well prepared. Keep in mind that other writing utensils such as pens and highlighters are not allowed on the SAT.

Bring a good quality scientific or graphing calculator to your SAT. Do not bring a calculator that makes noise or uses a keyboard-type keypad. Bring extra batteries for your calculator as well.

The SAT is a very long test. You will be given breaks throughout the day. Make sure that you bring snacks and drinks. This will help keep you focused and alert throughout the test.

What Not to Bring to the SAT

Electronic Devices Other Than Your Calculator
Approved calculators and watches are the only electronic devices allowed in the testing center. Do not bring any other electronics including cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras or recorders.

Cheat sheets, notes, dictionaries, translators, books and papers are strictly forbidden from the testing center.

Anything That Makes Noise
While watches and calculators are allowed in the testing center, it’s important that these devices do not make any noise during the test. Even one beep can cause the cancelation of your SAT.

It’s crucial to be well prepared for your SAT. Young Scholars Circle can help. Please contact us for information about SAT courses and tutoring services.