STEM programs in Northern VA
October 30, 2018

STEM Programs in Northern Virginia

Science, technology, engineering, and math are extremely important to our everyday lives. Everything from food production to healthcare depends on these subjects. Yet, millions of jobs in STEM fields go unfilled every year. This is why it’s so important to encourage our children to develop an interest in STEM subjects.

Studies show that children that learn STEM skills at an early age are better prepared for school and their future careers. This is true whether they choose a job in the STEM fields or not.

Young Scholars Circle offers a number of STEM programs for students in Northern Virginia. Our courses are designed to enhance student skills while fostering an interest in the STEM subjects.

Creative and Critical Thinking Skills

Creativity and critical thinking skills are crucial to STEM success. Students of today will likely end up in jobs that aren’t even created yet. This is part of the reason why STEM students need to learn to think critically. STEM activities require students to use critical thinking skills and innovation to find solutions to a wide range of problems.

Young Scholars Circle offers courses designed to help students develop and enhance their creative and critical thinking skills. Available creative and critical thinking skills courses include:

  • Writing Enhancement
    This six-week course provides 2nd to 5th grade students with an opportunity to improve their creative, critical thinking, and writing skills.
  • Destination Imagination
    The Destination Imagination program teaches students how to work as part of a team, while developing communication and problem-solving skills. This program combines STEM education with the arts and social entrepreneurship. 5th to 8th grade students meet three times a month for this fun and inclusive course.
  • National Math Club
    This national program provides 6th to 8th grade students with an opportunity to play math games in a non-competitive, social environment. This program helps students develop an interest in math.
  • Math Video Challenge
    During the Math Video Challenge, 6th to 8th grade students work in teams of four to create a video explaining a MATHCOUNTS handbook problem. Students combine art, writing, math, and technology in this fun and interactive program.

Junior Solar Sprint

During the Junior Solar Sprint (JSS), students use mathematics, science, and engineering principles to design and build a solar powered model car. Participants work in teams and race their finished vehicle against other students.

The Junior Solar Sprint takes place each year. Awards are given for both the track event and best design.

Advanced Writing Workshop 

Writing is strongly linked to problem solving. Introducing writing skills early on puts students in the best possible position for success.

Our Advanced Writing Workshop is designed for middle school and high school students that wish to enhance their writing skills. During this workshop, students work on several different types of writing including persuasive, cause and effect, descriptive, expository, and research reporting.

Northern Virginia STEM Programs

Young Scholars Circle offers test prep, tutoring, and courses designed to help students excel. Please contact us for more information about available STEM programs.