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Krishna Belino Cart, MA Ed, NBCT

Krishna Belino Cart, MA Ed, NBCT, a National Board Certified Reading Specialist, is the Literacy Coach and Curriculum Director. As a Reading Specialist and Literacy Coach, she provides specific teaching strategies to English and Language Arts K-12 teachers. Having more than 25 years of teaching experience, she speaks and presents at various local, national, and international conferences here and abroad.

Passion for Teaching

“It started early.  It is part of my DNA and God’s gift (Psalm 139:23). I loved playing teacher pretend when I was seven in the Philippines.  I would gather all my younger playmates inside our garage and set up my blackboard, chalk, erasers, and small chairs.  My pretend students were my younger sister, her playmates, and some younger kids, mainly four- or five-year-olds. In short, I had varied age groups in my pretend classroom.

I taught them how to read and write the Tagalog alphabet with my youngest students and word and sentence reading with my six-year-olds.  Shockingly, they learned!  Our neighbors contacted me, and the mothers told me their kids wanted me to teach them again.  Four mothers invited me to their homes and asked me to teach their kids. In return, they paid me.  One would prepare my favorite champorado snack (hot sticky rice cereal with cocoa, milk, and sugar) or a chocolate cake as an appreciation token for what I’ve done”.

Life-Long Learner

As a Literacy Coach, my learning does not stop. I strive to be on top of the latest trends, approaches, and strategies to continue impacting teachers’ and students’ lives.

Young Scholars Circle uses blended lessons in all our courses to maintain the self-paced and highly individualized teaching approach.

Graduate Degrees

  • Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction, George Washington University, Fall (August) 2024 to present
  • Graduate Certificate in Learning Design and Technology, Harvard University Division of Continuing Education, Spring 2024
  • Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Stanford University, December 2023
  • MA Education, major in Reading, Language, and Literacy – University of the Philippines, Diliman. 2004.

 National and International Literacy Workshop Speaking Engagements


Professional Networks

Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI)

International Literacy Association

National Council of Teachers of English

Read Write Think

Virginia Educational Leadership VASCD

Virginia Society for Technology in Education

Fairfax County Association for the Gifted

National AfterSchool Association


International Literacy Association
National Board