TJHSST new test
November 27, 2017

What Students Are Saying About the New TJ Test

What did our students say about the new TJ test?

We have about 35 students who took our TJ Comprehensive, Intensive and Score Booster Courses. Not all of them have the same amount of preparation. Some took one course only, and some took combination of our courses to focus on their areas of needs based on the ongoing assessments.

Quant Q Math

We are so pleased with the feedback of our students that our Math mock tests are similar in types but easier in terms of difficulty level. One of our female students specifically identified the type of questions that mostly appear were some of the lessons that she took in our Math Intensive and TJ Score Booster classes.

TJ Reading Aspire Test

More than half of the students who contacted us via email, calls and text messages claimed that the new TJ Reading Aspire test was easier and less complex than our Reading Mock Tests. All our students felt prepared and confident about their answers on the constructed responses and the multiple-choice questions.

TJ Science Aspire Test

About 11 students said that Science Aspire was very easy and they were able to finish everything in time. About 15 students stated that the actual Science Aspire passages are relatively easy compared to our mock tests. It was very time consuming because they encountered more passages than what they had expected. We have about 7 students who said that the Science passages are harder than our actual tests but they were able to work around the difficult questions. Overall, they feel prepared answering those constructed responses.

“You prepared me to do that!” said SR, who was so grateful saying that some of his friends who took the test preparation in other centers do not have any clue how to answer constructed responses.

A female student, SB stated that her friends who prepped from different centers have different responses, “Some of them felt that the Reading was hard; some said that some Math questions are confusing, and some said that Science was extremely difficulty. But I find everything relatively easy because of my test preparation with Young Scholars Circle.”

Another female student who took all our intensive class and three of our Score Boosters felt that the math portion was very easy. Overall she said that she was very glad that she had learned the YSC about how to craft the constructed responses – her YSC practice helped a lot on those. She had one constructed response question where she changed her mind about the answer but didn’t have time to complete her revised answer. Other than that one, she felt confident about her performance. She said that she found the TJ Mock Test Score Booster sessions extremely useful, in that these gave her the advanced experience of sitting for a three-hour test.

If your child is confident enough in the recent TJ test, please look at our TJ Semifinalists Workshop that consists of two types of essays that they need to survive the Feb 3rd Final Round Tests:

1. Math Problem Solving Essay

2. Student-Authored Information Sheet