Thomas Jefferson High School Admissions Test Prep Classes
July 30, 2018

How to Prepare Your Middle School Student for the TJ Admissions Test

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology provides a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in science, mathematics, or technology. This prestigious school offers a challenging curriculum, focused on the STEM subjects. In order to attend TJHSST, students must complete a rigorous two-round admissions process.

TJHSST has strict requirements when it comes to grade point average and test scores. It’s crucial the middle school students do all they can to prepare for these important tests. Students must have strong test scores in reading, science, and math. They must also have strong writing skills and a passion for STEM subjects.

We offer TJ Diagnostic Tests that you can administer to your student online for purposes of determining his/her baseline skills with regards to the TJ Math Quant Q, ACT Reading Aspire and ACT Science Aspire.

TJHSST Admission Prep

As a leading provider of test prep and STEM courses, Young Scholars Circe has experience with students wishing to gain admission to TJHSST. In addition to writing skills, we have found that one of the key differentiators in the admission process are the STEM extra-curricular activities that students pursue.

Young Scholars Circle offers admission prep classes and tutoring for students interested in TJ admission. Our courses are designed to give students an opportunity to improve their writing skills and test scores in all subjects.

Test Prep Courses for Middle School Students

Our test prep courses help students learn how to manage their time and develop the organizational skills needed for success. We provide students with a unique opportunity to view the types of questions they will encounter in a simulated testing environment. All progress is tracked so that students can learn which areas require improvement. This puts them in the best possible position for success.

The new TJ admissions test includes multiple choice and constructed response items for both reading and science. It’s important to make sure that your student is well prepared. They should have a full understand of the format of this important test. They should know how to manage their time to ensure they are able to complete all sections in the required time limits. We can help your student develop the skills and confidence needed to excel.

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