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Specialized Classes by Expert Educators

Our classes, crafted by licensed educators and curriculum experts, offer specialized math, science, reading, and writing instruction.

SAT® Summer Bundle Savings

Save $100 on Two Classes Save $100 SAT® Bundles

  • Math, Reading, and Writing
  • Curriculum Developed by Licensed Teachers

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  • Math, Essay, Reading, and Writing
  • Curriculum Developed by Licensed Teachers

Summer Writing Enrichment for Scholarships & Internships


Designed for intelligent high school students, the Wordsmiths & Innovators offers a comprehensive program to enrich reading, writing, research, and STEM skills, tailored for excellence in scholarship applications, internships, PSAT® Merit Scholarship applications, SAT® essays, and college admissions essays. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students engage in workshops that fuse literary analysis with technology, engineering, and scientific inquiry, promoting a deeper understanding of STEAM. Participants will explore real-world projects, develop compelling essays, and refine research techniques. This camp empowers students to articulate their thoughts eloquently and think critically, preparing them to become leaders who can confidently navigate future challenges.  Students can display their outputs using multimodal texts like video games, websites, video production, etc.


Starting in March 2024, the SAT® will be in a Digital Format

With the new format comes new changes.  The new format has a two-stage adaptive test design.  Reading and Writing are combined, with fewer question items and less time to accomplish each module.  The first Reading and Writing module has 25 operational and two pretest questions with a time limit of 32 minutes.  In the Math section, students can now use calculators in both modules.  It has 20 operational and two pretest questions per module with a time limit of 35 minutes.

Digital SAT® Structure

Reading & Writing27/5432/64

National Merit® Scholarship Timeline

PSATNMSQT® National Merit® Scholarship1
PSATNMSQT® National Merit® Scholarship2

While waiting for your scores and working on increasing your grades and extra-curricular activities, work with the Masterpiece Academy to hone your essay-writing skills in preparation for college and for scholarship applications. In addition, seniors need high scores in SAT® or ACT®scores as one of the requirements for being a National Merit® Scholar finalist.

Digital SAT®️️️ 2024 Test Dates

  • March 9
  • May 4
  • June 1
  • August 24
  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7

SAT® and PSAT®Score Soaring Saturdays

Backed by research, dive into the future of SAT® and PSAT® prep with Masterpiece Academy's exclusive webinar series, designed for the digital age. Our "Score Soaring Saturdays" are more than just an informational session; they're a dynamic, interactive journey into the heart of test mastery.

Score Soaring Saturday

Say goodbye to monotonous study guides. Our sessions are infused with interactive digital and multimodal texts that make learning compelling and exciting.

Learn from the best. Our seasoned educators and curriculum developers will guide you through each section of the SAT® and PSAT®, unraveling the mysteries behind each question type.

We understand that every student is unique. Our webinars offer personalized tips and strategies, ensuring that you're prepared and prepared in the best way for you.

From time management to critical thinking, we equip you with skills beyond the test, preparing you for college and beyond.

Join a vibrant community of fellow students, share experiences, and build the confidence you need to excel.

Upcoming Events for High School Students

Score Soaring Saturday
Score Soaring Saturdays: Master the Digital PSAT® and SAT® with Masterpiece Academy
Score Soaring Saturday
Score Soaring Saturdays: Master the Digital PSAT® and SAT® with Masterpiece Academy
Score Soaring Saturday
Score Soaring Saturdays: Master the Digital PSAT® and SAT® with Masterpiece Academy

SAT® Reading and Writing Contents and Question Categories

Even though the passages are shorter, the rigor, complexity, and depth of the questions remain intact and are still excellent for college readiness and preparation. The SAT® Reading and Writing passages are multidisciplinary and taken from various subjects and real-world applications.

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Please note that each module has percentages of the distribution of question items.

When looking for test preparation and curricula to prepare for the SAT®, it is crucial to trust  licensed educators and experienced curriculum developers.

The SAT® Math Contents and Question Categories

The SAT® Math passages contain in-context questions that assess students’ applications to both
academic and real-world situations.

The digital SAT® Math focuses on key elements of algebra, advanced math, problem-solving &
data analysis, geometry, and trigonometry that are necessary for college and career readiness.
It is crucial to have a test preparation with comprehensive lessons targeting these skills and
designed by licensed curriculum designers and educators.

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Multi Stage Adaptive means that students are given the same amount of easy, medium and difficult questions in the first module.

The questions in the second module are broadly targeted based on the student’s performance in the first module. Our learning platform, well-crafted learning modules, and teaching approach are adaptive, progress-monitored, and individualized, and our licensed teachers adjust to your student’s needs in real time.  Beware of others who track or do sectioning or grouping based on performance that is not based on research, which damages your student’s socio-emotional needs, like labeling.  Most test prep who do this malpractice are not real educators.

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Curriculum developers & licensed educators

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Comprehensive lessons targeted skills

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Adaptive. Individualized. Progress Monitored.

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Simulated Testing. Khan Academy Classroom. Research-Based Resources

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