AOL Tests Simulation
September 25, 2023

Academy of Science and Academy of Engineering and Technology Score Boosters


This Score Booster starts with a two-hour simulated practice test in the morning. One would be a timed STEM Thinking Skills Test, and the other is a Writing Task Simulation. After the students take the tests from our dashboard, one of our Math Specialists, Dr. Ruby Pizana, will discuss the question items. Krishna Cart, the Literacy Coach, will discuss the Academies of Loudoun Writing Task, give feedback to the students, and provide writing techniques based on the class’ writing sample. Overall, students enrolled in this class will boost their confidence, enhance their test-taking skills, and lessen test anxiety. Join now and ace the Academies of Loudoun tests!

Self-Paced Classes

We also offer live online classes, in-person and self-paced classes. To get into the Academies of Loudoun, each student must be prepared for the STEM Thinking Skills Test and the Academies of Loudoun Writing Assessment Task. Check these out:

STEM Thinking Skills Test Prep Self-Paced

Academies of Loudoun Self-Paced