Summer STEAM Camps

Where Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Literacy Coalesce

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

- Benjamin Franklin

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Designed for intelligent high school students, the Wordsmiths & Innovators offers a comprehensive program to enrich reading, writing, research, and STEM skills, tailored for excellence in scholarship applications, internships, PSAT® Merit Scholarship applications, SAT® essays, and college admissions essays. Through a multidisciplinary approach, students engage in workshops that fuse literary analysis with technology, engineering, and scientific inquiry, promoting a deeper understanding of STEAM. Participants will explore real-world projects, develop compelling essays, and refine research techniques. This camp empowers students to articulate their thoughts eloquently and think critically, preparing them to become leaders who can confidently navigate future challenges. Students can display their outputs using multimodal texts like video games, websites, video production, etc.

  • Reading, Writing & Research
  • The Science of Writing: Crafting Compelling Essays
  • Engineering Solutions Through Creative Writing
  • Writing, Multimodal Texts, and Digital Storytelling


  • All students will need to bring their laptops to class.
  • For those who want to use video games as outputs, downloading some software is necessary.
  • Some meeting times might be in the library for research and production, like 3D printing.
  • The class does not cover additional items to purchase software or output choice.

July 29 to August 9, 2024

  • 4:30 to 6:30 pm
  • Join by March 31st and save big!

This workshop is designed for creative and and passionate grades 6 to 8 students eager to explore the dynamic field of interactive media and video game design, coupled with the art of persuasive writing. Participants will explore creating digital narratives and interactive experiences, learning how these mediums can convey powerful messages and stories. The workshop emphasizes the importance of persuasive writing techniques and research skills for crafting compelling narratives within games and academic endeavors such as scholarship and college essay writing. By merging game design with compelling writing, students will leave with unique skills, ready to influence the world of interactive media and beyond.



These classes are curated based on Krishna Cart's Harvard graduate classes in Learning Design and Technology. At the core of this project is the innovative concept of multimodal and game literacy. Research has increasingly shown that incorporating game elements in educational settings can significantly enhance student engagement and motivation. According to a study by Hamari, Koivisto, & Sarsa (2014), using video games increases motivation and engagement, critical factors in effective learning.


Game Lit Remix offers a unique blend of video game design, STEM research, and narrative writing, tailored for middle school students interested in the intersection of STEAM disciplines and creative writing. This camp focuses on developing skills in game design, character development, and plot creation, all while emphasizing critical thinking and writing for academic applications. Students will learn how to construct compelling narratives within the framework of their video games, enhancing their portfolio for STEM high schools like TJ and Academies of Loudoun, scholarships, internships, and college applications. Workshops on game design principles, and interactive storytelling will empower students to bring their visionary games to life, fostering a unique set of skills that are highly valuable in both academic and professional realms.


Calling all young heroes! At the Super Science and Tech Inventors Camp, first and second-graders will unlock their superpowers through the power of reading, writing, and STEM challenges. Science genius campers may create superhero characters with origin stories and handcrafted costumes while exploring the science behind superpowers through exciting experiments, simulation, research, and projects. This camp blends creativity with critical thinking, encouraging campers to imagine the impossible and discover how to make it possible through teamwork and innovation.

This is also a venue where young minds may transform into inventors, using their reading, writing, and STEM skills to solve puzzles and create gadgets. First and second graders will embark on a mission to read about famous inventors and their creations, write stories of their inventions, and then bring their ideas to life with basic designing and engineering projects. This camp encourages curiosity, logical thinking, and creativity, providing a foundation for lifelong learning and innovation.


The Transformative Power of our Summer STEAM Workshops

Engaging with our workshop provides more than a summer pastime; it lays a robust foundation for academic and professional excellence. Through the dual lenses of interactive media and persuasive writing, students will gain:

Creative Thinking

Encouragement to think innovatively, developing fresh ideas for digital narratives and game designs.

Persuasive Techniques

Expertise in persuasive techniques to captivate and engage audiences, an essential skill for future leaders..

 Research and Writing Skills

Mastery of research and writing, pivotal for thriving in rigorous academic settings and securing opportunities like scholarships, internships, SAT® essays, and PSAT/NMSQT® National Merit® Scholarship essays.

Academic Success

The skills developed in our classes directly apply to the rigorous applications required for STEM high schools, scholarships, and internships, laying a solid foundation for academic  success.

Builds confidence and Leadership

As students collaborate on projects, lead initiatives, and present their work, they gain confidence and leadership skills, preparing them to be the change-makers of tomorrow.

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